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15 Most Promising AgTech Startups in APAC - 2019

Agriculture has empowered humans in ways that we no longer had to lead a nomadic hunt and gather lifestyle. Farming has indirectly paved the way for innovations as humans settled permanently and had a reliable food supply. But with the drastic increase in population, old agricultural practices are no longer efficient. Almost one billion people worldwide are affected by chronic malnourishment and the population explosion has a direct role to play on degrading agriculture systems, biodiversity and fluctuating climatic conditions. In order to meet the needs of the growing population, the agriculture industry needs improvement in agricultural practices to develop crops with high yield and improved quality. Though conventional breeding is the most widely adopted approach in crop improvement, intensive labor and time required for progress from the early stages of screening genotypes to the introduction of these developed crops into the commercial market is very high.

As one of the major industry which can have an adverse impact on the whole population, developed and developing countries are focussing on wide implementation of AgTech to become a self-sustained society. Precision farming supported by technological advancements along with active supply chain strategies can help address the forementioned challenges to curb food poverty and diseases spreading due to malnutrition. Experts are utilizing crop monitoring and optimization software, to alter DNA and make the crops immune to diseases that can otherwise lead to catastrophic famines. The need of the hour is millennials entering into the agriculture industry to increase adoption of latest AgTech software and applications to meet the demand for pesticide-free food and become young farmers. Industry experts hint an IoT or sensor connected farm is the key to the future. Latest accurate sensors, fast internet connectivity along with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies help in testing and to study agricultural practices in a virtual environment before actual implementation. Climate risk mitigation strategy needs to be developed based on geographical locations like effective water management and rising temperatures. A predictive warning system can play a vital role in estimating and minimizing the risk due to inconsistent climatic conditions. Though genetically modified crops hold the promise for global food security, their wide adoption is hindered by unsubstantiated health and environmental safety concerns. Further, the energy required for implementing vertical farming can be costly and can be carbon-intensive. Thanks to modern technology, traditional farms are now equipped with drone sensors to satellite imagery, continuously collecting information about the temperature, moisture, plant genes, climate, natural calamities and several more aspects are allowing farmers to view their crops from multiple perspectives. All these technological solutions also deliver farmers real-time actionable insights to yield better crops.
Choosing the apt startup partner is a needle in a haystack for CIOs worldwide. Eliminating the malady, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, and agriculture analysts has narrowed down on the AgTech startups that exhibit competence in delivering innovation in agriculture technology. We present to you StartupCity’s “15 Most Promising AgTech Startups - 2019.”

    Most Promising AgTech Startups in APAC

  • Agrivo International Ltd. is an International Agricultural Portfolio Company that specializes in Agricultural Value Chain Investing in Asia. It focuses on plantations, agriculture technology and agri-tourism in China, India and Southeast Asia. It leverages on proprietary management and investment strategy, financial knowledge and expertise in business growth to identify high-potential investment opportunities and enhances the value in each of its investments. Firstly, it functions to invest-in and incubate startups that are directly involved in agriculture and/or startups that involve technology to improve the processes in agriculture. Secondly, it manages the startups to ensure business success

  • DAS rural intelligence provides decision-makers with the information they need to create more informed choices. These decisions assist them in accelerating development and innovation across agriculture as a whole — building competitive benefit, wealth, and prosperity for everyone. The platform is also useful in monitoring feed-on-offer and daily consumption, handling livestock individually and generating, assigning, and tracking team tasks. Digital agriculture focuses mainly on quality, yield, or productivity

  • A 100 percent bootstrapped agtech start-up by sole founder, offers a platform, which blends automation, remote sensing, and machine learning to ensure that farmers get the maximum value from pastures, with minimal labor and time investment.’s pasture management technology leverages satellite imagery, weather data, and farming records in a machine-learning environment to enable farmers make daily tactical grazing decisions and optimize their farm resources with ease. The platform enhances the communication between the farm and the farmer, by automating data extraction from multiple sources and cleaning it up to glean meaningful insights, putting the farmer in the driver’s seat

  • Vietnam Blockchain Corporation is a company providing solutions and services on blockchain technology to serve industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, trade, e-commerce, and economic sharing. As a strategic subsidiary of IBL, VBC has led Vietnam to be a pioneer in researching and developing blockchain technology. VBC is committed to providing next-generation solutions to advance society. VBC acts as a trainer and an expert advisor for enterprises by training developers and imparting technical advice in the production process, commerce, and other service areas

  • 8villages


    8villages is a mobile platform linking farmers to their communities of peers and their external business partners. It is the first online network combining voice, SMS and internet that connects farmers by relevant business communities like villages. It is a highly scalable platform for farmers to generate micro blog posts, share brand comparison, give feedbacks on products and farming techniques, and attend trainings provided by experts. It presents a data aggregation tool to provide market intelligence to agri-business corporations on consumption behaviors, yields, and acreages. It provides a plug' n play API for mobile carriers to expand their reach into rural communities

  • E Agri

    E Agri

    E Agri is an innovative Agri-Technology company that has developed a vertical hydroponic growing system to produce fresh, clean food for high-density urban markets. Using commercially proven hydroponic and sustainable horticulture technologies, E Agri‘s patent-pending systems grow leafy green crops at a significantly lower cost and higher yields per square meter relative to traditional horticulture techniques. The modular design of the system and high levels of automation has extensive global application in both advanced and developing markets. E Agri’s growing solutions are designed to minimize carbon impact, water consumption, and food miles

  • AgriDigital


    AgriDigital's vision is to make agricultural supply chains simple, easy and secure, they connect farmers, traders and storage operators on a single supply chain platform. Their cloud-based commodity management platform encompasses all players across the supply chain - farmers, buyers, storage operators and in time, consumers to operate and interact on one platform for the transaction of commodities. AgriDigital manages all contracts, deliveries, inventory, orders, invoices and payments in real time for their clients. AgriDigital is dedicated to piloting and proving out blockchain solutions to improve trust and transparency through the supply chain

  • Bloom Agro

    Bloom Agro

    Bloom Agro is a platform for agriculture knowledge and technology. They work with a variety of crops and offer a wide range of advanced solutions. Working hand-in-hand with clients, they ensure solutions that achieve the desired results in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Bloom Agro offers complete advice and technical solutions from crop feasibility and project design to implementation and maintenance. They design and supply cost-effective irrigation and fertigation solutions, and can offer fertigation support to maximise yields. Revolutionary systems to treat and sustainably recycle water used in agricultural processing are provided by Bloom Agro

  • CrowdFarmX


    CrowdFarmX has established itself as the world’s first global cooperative farming platform on the blockchain. They specialize in Blockchain, Agri-Tech, Supply Chain, IoT, Alternative Financing, Marketplace Platform, Decentralized Farm Management, Cryptocurr- ency, Cold Chain, Farming Research, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Enterprise Resource Planning. CrowdFarmX leverages on IoT with aerial inspection and analysis so that agronomists and farmers canminimize resources and optimize yields. This IoT powered system controls 44 zones of irrigation at CrowdFarmX's Singapore Food Cradle. This ensures consistent production of up to 2000 packs of fresh, quality vegetables daily

  • Data Farming

    Data Farming

    DataFarming is an Australian agtech company based in the regional city of Toowoomba, Queensland delivering Precision Agriculture (PA) solutions for farmers and agronomists around the world. DataFarming aims to unlock the potential of PA products and farm data by putting easy to use digital solutions in the hands of every agronomists and producers. The team is developing products and services for farmers and agronomists that are simple, automated and low cost, and provide on-ground actionable solutions. In October 2017, DataFarming launc- hed its cloud-based platform which included its first product, a satellite imagery Crop Monitoring Tool, allowing free global access to 10m resolution imagery and NDVI

  • Enviroeye


    With a track record in agricultural analytics, Enviroeye provides clear and actionable insights based on a diverse range of data sources. From in-situ sensor networks, satellite imagery and GPS data through to third party APIs and even historical farming records, it empowers growers and producers by providing them a single, integrated information landscape; their farm in a dashboard. Its flagship product VineHub, currently active across a range of commercial vineyards, brings unparalleled information efficiencies, while also automating most non value-add activities. The means growers see improved yields and quality while spending significantly less hours per hectare

  • Fresh Grow

    Fresh Grow

    Freshgrow Asia has become one of Asia's leading Agriculture and Horticulture businesses, with a focus on purity, quality, and simplicity that provides the best in market products. They are producing locally-grown high- quality fresh vegetables to Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economy with a unique, scalable production model, which is pesticide-free. Freshgrow Asia is currently producing from its production site in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia and selling product into the Malaysian and Singaporean vegetable markets. Fresh Grow’s core platform is the design and use of a growing environment that applies world-leading technology, and best practices to create a competitive advantage

  • Inacom


    Inacom is short for Indonesian Agriculture and Commodities, Inacom is a startup of Agritech which is engaged in agricultural midwives and commodities, connecting farmers, landowners, SMEs, and markets directly and transparently. They work hand in hand with farmers to improve the quality of the product and to provide a sustainable supply for the company and traceability for the customers. Their plan is to build a terminal warehouse for integrated processing in order to mobilize 1000 containers within the city and internationally as well



    Sensand is rapidly building a smart agriculture data platform that is set to transform global agriculture markets. Their goal is to assist companies to make better agricultural decisions much sooner. Its big data platform can integrate data from any public or private source. It will use machine learning and data analytics to undertake the rigorous analysis. The user-friendly platform will display key findings through a visualization engine and provide insights that lead to enhanced efficiencies, productivity, and yields. The software can also enable the automation of farming assets

  • SproutX


    SproutX started as an idea for collaboration between Findex and the National Farmers Federation. As with any startup, the idea has pivoted and grown into what it is today; an accelerator program and national co-working space network. SproutX is a collaboration between corporate, academia and government bringing all plays together to enable the agricultural sector. The SproutX Accelerator is Australia’s first agtech focused program for early stage startups. By gathering the best entrepreneur mentors, venture capitalists, agribusiness and government in one place, it offers startups the opportunity to create world class growth companies